YOKO WHYTE Digital Artist & Photographer

I am an Artist and Photographer. And I love all things creative. The contents of this blog are created by me.

DASH Tour Tasmania

I had the pleasure of touring with the amazing band DASH. It was a great opportunity to experience both the Cygnet Folk Festival and Mona Foma in Tasmania as part of their tour. I felt like I got sneaked into gigs just because I was ‘band photographer’ and it was great hanging out with so many talented creative minds along the way. I followed the band around documenting their adventures through the camera. Here are a few of my favourites. 

If you are interested in the music of DASH click this link

Daughter of an Artist

Some product photography I did for my dad Alistair Whyte for a special set of ceramics. This particular set is special to me because it was made for my sister Tomoko’s inheritance and foreshadows a set I will receive. 

My dad has recently decided that he is going to make a dinner set for each of his four daughters before he dies. So of course me also being a daughter I get one too. This is incredibly sweet of him and I’m feeling blessed. But as would expect it reminds me that the odds are my parents will die before me and the time I have with them is limited. On a positive note I’m looking forward to spending time with them both.

I took these photos in the end room of my parents house which is a sun room. The room has windows along three of the four walls and the light in there is wonderful. It’s like being inside a natural light box and at twilight it’s magical. The house my parents live in the the same house my grandmother and great grandmother lived in. When I was little I was told my great grandmother used to paint in there and I totally understand why.

If you’re interested in checking out more of my Dad’s work you can check out his Facebook Artist Page or Website

I love your room your beautiful room. Such a beautiful space to ponder the world in. Here lies the room of a gorgeously creative mind. A short photo essay showing only a glimpse into xanthia’s world. 

Pictures taken by me. 

Dancing a La Mode

I did a commissioned photo shoot for “Dancing a La Mode” a fashion show with a physical theatre difference. Upcoming designers work was  showcased though theatrical dance, narrated story telling and music. Dancing a La Mode was one of many events you could experience during Melbourne L‘oreal Fashion week. The event was held at Punkmilk Studios in Fitzroy.  

Designs by University of Ballarat and RMIT graduates;
-Elisa Keeler
-Stevie White
-Cara Drake
-Natasha I’Anson
-Timothy Christopher Ryan
-Niki J Lakerink
-Brontë Morris

Performed by a New Zealander and University of Ballarat graduates.
-Stevie White
-Feather Shaw
-Mona Rena Micua
-Elisa Keeler
-Timothy Christopher Ryan
-Ryan Lovat
-Brook Moss

Some long exposure style photography I did for Timothy Christopher Ryan’s performance during 2011. I tried to capture multiple moments of movement. 

Some recent commissioned band photography for DASH

I haven’t done very much set up band photography working with models and setting up lights. So this shoot was a refreshing challenge for me. We battled some rain and I only had one light explode. I’m hoping this will be the start of more shoots working with models. Experience is everything.

I tried a variety of techniques including light painting with LED poi and zoom exposures. 
The theme of the shoot was a fairy light lit garden party at night.

I enjoy painting with light which I imagine could look like vibrations in music. The last image reminds me of 90s style grunge graffiti. I ended up merging two images together using the light painted letters I got the members of DASH to write, over a different background. It just happened to be that there were four members of the band and also four letters!